Heat Distribution, Water Supply and Wastewater Collection Networks

Envirotech offers the design, delivery and construction of local and trunk heat distribution, water supply and wastewater collection networks. Heat networks are built of pre-insulated pipes manufactured by Star Pipe, ABB and Løgstør Rør as well as in the traditional technology. The recommended modern and environment-friendly pre-insulated pipe technology guarantees long service life, tightness of connections and low heat losses contributing to the reduction in the heat distribution costs. Water supply and wastewater collection pipelines built by Envirotech are made of concrete, stoneware, cast iron, PE, PVC and other durable materials of proven qualities.

Heat distribution, water supply and wastewater collection networks are usually laid in open excavations, using shuttering systems and drainage plants. Efficient work is ensured by systematic covering of the completed network sections and rebuilding of the road surface. In this way, Envirotech minimizes the nuisance to residents of adjacent areas and reduces the time of road traffic interruption. The Company is also capable of building selected network sections (e.g. under important road junctions) in covered excavations, using an underpass method.