Pumping plants and intermediate pumping stations

Envirotech executes complete water and wastewater pumping systems used in water supply, wastewater collection, heat distribution, process and fire protection installations. The comprehensive customer service includes technical consultancy with regard to the selection of equipment and system building concept, preparation of design documentation, execution and warranty and post-warranty service. Each of the proposed systems is customized to meet the specific customer needs, depending on:

  • required system performance parameters,
  • facility type,
  • type of fluid pumped,
  • planned operating model of the pumping station.

In addition to pumping stations, Envirotech provides the required infrastructure and equips the stations with control systems enabling the achievement of the optimum hydraulic parameters in order to minimize operating costs. The solutions offered by the Company are mainly applied in communal enterprises, water and wastewater companies, heat engineering enterprises, various industries and public utilities.