Equipment Sale

The range of products offered by Envirotech is changing all the time depending on the current market needs. The Company cooperates with over 80 suppliers, offering the wholesale and retail deliveries of both simple and highly complex equipment and machinery.

The equipment offered by Envirotech is modern, durable, water- and energy-saving and safe for humans and the natural environment. The comprehensive service offered by Envirotech includes professional, technical consultancy, delivery assemblage (supplementing the equipment offered by other items not available in the Envirotech offer) and delivery by mail. Envirotech guarantees efficient and quick service based on well-organized logistics, including optimum stock structure stored in a 1,910 m2 warehouse.The Company’s offer includes equipment and accessories for boiler plants, heat substations, indoor installations (districts heating, hot water, water and wastewater and gas), water treatment stations, wastewater treatment plants, control systems, monitoring and measurement systems, in particular including:

  • boilers, gas and oil burners,
  • stacks,
  • oil tanks and oil installation fittings,
  • heat exchangers,
  • pumps and pumping stations for water and wastewater,
  • membrane expansion vessels,
  • automatic control equipment for water and steam heating systems,
  • thermostatic valves for radiators,
  • panel and ladder-type radiators,
  • air vents,
  • fittings (cut-off valves for water, wastewater, steam, gas, compressed air, coolants and other industrial
  • media; check valves and safety vales),
  • ultrasound, solenoid and mass flow meters,
  • heat meters,
  • frequency converters,
  • pressure, level and temperature regulators,
  • wastewater analysers,
  • controllers.