Heat and Boiler Plants

Envirotech has an excellent record of achievements in the construction of water and steam heat and boiler plants fired with natural gas and fuel oil, with a thermal capacity from several hundred kW to several MW. The Company readily undertakes assignments involving a complete project execution, including the development of all components of the design documentation, obtaining the building permit, assembling the required equipment, installing, commissioning and servicing the plant. The commencement of works is often preceded by the development of a heat management modernization concept and the technical and economic assumptions of the project identifying the optimum sources of the investment financing. By selecting adequate technological solutions, the Company delivers environmental-friendly, fully automated sources of heat, at the request of the customer equipped with the operating status monitoring and visualization systems. Envirotech also delivers heating stations and boiler houses based on unconventional energy sources (bio-fuels), gas turbines and recovery boilers.