Human Resources

Envirotech’s personnel is composed of carefully selected individuals. Due to the Company’s profile, the majority of staff are graduates of the Environmental Engineering at the Poznań Technical University. The company’s staff perform their duties with responsibility and commitment, share a positive attitude towards new achievements in technology and engineering and have high professional qualifications that they continuously extend by attending various training sessions and courses.

Within the framework of a number of support actions, Envirotech effectively cooperates with experts from outside the Company, including experienced, reliable and proven professionals. Outsourcing of such services ensures operating flexibility, guarantees a comprehensive and diversified offer and better alignment with the customers’ expectations and needs. These arrangements allow Envirotech to provide comprehensive services at the highest level, as the company has a great organizational, technological and human-resources potential.

Employment Structure

President of the Board – Janusz Tomaszkiewicz, M. Sc. H. V. A. C. Eng.
Services Sales Development Director, Proxy – Ryszard Bauza, M. Sc. H. V. A. C. Eng.
Commercial Director, Proxy – Jerzy Szwajkowski, M. Sc. H. V. A. C. Eng.
Technical Services Director – Przemysław Banach, M. Sc. H. V. A. C. Eng.
Contracts Director (thermal management) – Jacek Nowak, M. Sc. H. V. A. C. Eng.
Contracts Director (water management) – Remigiusz Dąbek, M. Sc. W. S. Env. Prot. Eng.
Contracts Director (sewage management) – Jarosław Piętka, M. Sc. W. S. Env. Prot. Eng.
Water & Sewage Director – Eugeniusz Klaczyński, Dr. Sc.
Organization and Management Director – Małgorzata Roszak, MBA