Heat Substations

In response to diversified needs of its customers, Envirotech designs and builds water and steam heat substations with a heat capacity ranging from several kW to several MW in different versions (individual vs. grouped, single function vs. multifunctional; compact vs. traditional; autonomously controlled or operated from a central control and monitoring system). Thanks to the use of the state-of-the-art technologies the Company offers its customers systems producing the required amount of heat, ensuring its proper transformation and utilization, characterized by high efficiency, minor heat losses and low flow resistance. The majority of works are executed in an uninterrupted supply system i.e. continuity of heat delivery to customers is ensured. The range of services offered in relation to heat subsystems includes:

  • replacement of hydro-elevation substations with heat exchanger or pump mixing substations,
  • modernization of steam and water substations,
  • replacement of tubular heat exchangers with highly efficient plate heat exchangers,
  • assembly of the automatic control equipment,
  • replacement of an open heat distribution protection system with
    a closed one,
  • replacement of throttle pumps with throttle-free pumps with continuous output and elevation head control systems,
  • heat recovery from condensate systems,
  • selection, assembly and startup of water and heat meters,
  • substation performance monitoring and telemetrics.

Between 1994 and 2001 Envirotech built 333 heat substations with a total capacity of 119.1 MW.